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Karen S. Tyndall, MA, LPC/Supervisor,

Certified Clinical Hypnotist,

Master NLP Practitioner

Certified Success Coach 

Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervior

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Member National Guild of Hypnotist

Member North Texas Society Clinical Hypnotist

Owner/Director of Success Hypnosis Center

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Lose Weight NOW!

Begin Today.

Live the Healthy Lifestyle!

Kick the habit for good!

Build Confidence!

Take Charge of your life!


Success Hypnosis and NLP Programming

two powerful programs creating

The Highest Quality for Positive Changes.

Create your New Image

         the Powerful Way!

 "Success Hypnosis"

An Easy and Fast Approach for:

Relationship Issues

Self-Sabotage Habits



Weight Loss

Stop Smoking

Build Confidence



Low Self-Esteem




Sleep Issues

Sports Performance

Peace of Mind

And Much More! 

What Is Success Hypnosis?

Success Hypnosis is combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and

Clinical Hypnosis to create a powerful behavior change. The two working together

re-programs the unconscious mind to create new desired thoughts and behaviors.

This is the newest most proven way of changing undesired behaviors.

Success Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is medically recognized as a rapidly emerging discipline. And with the combination of NLP Reprogramming the two create the most effective way to access the subconscious and create real change.

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